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Why is Beauty Winning at Retail?

The global beauty industry is currently worth more than $500 billion, while sales from the UK beauty industry are set to reach £1 billion for the first time. With the world talking about the ‘Death of Retail’, why is it that beauty retail, both online and in store, continues to come to life?

The industry is evolving, but one aspect remains the same. In a world of high-profile product launches and social media influencers, customers are still key to success in the cosmetics and perfumery retail industry.

This is especially important for today’s customers, according to Christian Dior’s Margaret Attwooll: active on social media and armed with a wealth of information, today’s “digitally-savvy customers are more demanding, and know more about our products than sometimes we even do”, expecting expertise and exceptional service.

COPRA sponsors Chimera Recruitment and Sheridan&Co also explain the benefit of human contact, characterized by beauty retail consultants:

“With 40% of Americans identifying as lonely, there is a unique opportunity for brands to redefine connection to mean more than the four bars on our phones. Brands can generate meaning and create loyalty by trading on empathy and human connection” - Sheridan&Co

“In a world where people crave community, experience, and understanding, it is no longer an option to try to sell the customer a product you would like them to buy. We must train staff to listen, empathise, and connect with the customer to invest in their long term relationship with your brand.” – Chimera Recruitment


- Margaret Attwooll General Manager, UK & Ireland Parfums Christian Dior and winner of the 2018 Gordon Whitehead Award Winner (now named the Industry Excellence Award)

- Sheridan&Co

- Chimera Recruitment


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