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Meet the Sponsors: Chimera Recruitment

Being the London Area Manager for one of London's fastest growing recruitment agencies means that you get to see retail from a unique standpoint. Looking at retail life directly from the shop-floor is an important perspective that we all need to ensure we remember to integrate into our routine. There are a lot of answers here. To keep our minds on the ground, we speak to Helen Ward, London Area Manager for Chimera Recruitment, who have kindly sponsored COPRA since their first year of conception.

"I love watching customers' and clients' confidence transform when they discover how beauty products can be used to enhance their individuality, and express their personality." Helen Ward, Chimera Recruitment

Over to you, Helen:

One of my favourite things about working in the beauty industry is the diversity of the people I meet, allowing me to engage with individuals from all walks of life.

At the moment there is a change in the way we view beauty products. Their role in the life of the consumer is different, and so is the way products are presented; with much more emphasis on celebrating the uniqueness of the individual.

The opportunities within the industry are endless; with some of the most exciting ones lying within new businesses. I have observed some impressive career journeys occur whilst working with small, upcoming companies. New brands often allow for progression within the company, and opportunity for new beauty ideas, concepts and ways of viewing the industry. If you are starting out in the beauty industry, I would advise that you ensure that you don’t overlook smaller businesses.

One of the reasons Copra is important is because of its impressive standing within the industry. Known as the ‘caring face of beauty,’ it creates a real community within the beauty business. This in turn, raises industry standards and brings together the best of the best. The Copra's support of ‘Look Good, Feel Better’ is important to the industry, and their reminder of how each individual can use what the beauty industry offers.. to become the best version of themselves.

My best beauty tip? Ensure you always remove all makeup before you sleep at night! It’s extra effort to thoroughly cleanse your face, but it’s a worthy investment. This will allow your skin to breathe, and make it much harder for bacteria to build in your pores (which creates blemishes and imperfections).


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