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Q&A with Tony from POSITIVE+

What’s your favourite aspect of working within the Beauty & Fragrance industry?

It’s an industry that once in, you never leave, and I guess that must be because of the positive impact this industry has on its consumers and the people that work within it. To be honest I couldn’t imagine working in any other industry.

What is number 1 on your work to do list??

A lot of my time these days is focused on developing premium looking Sustainable Point of Sale through reuse, recycle & repurpose methods, which is a wider remit than I first thought.

How important is connecting with your peers at the COPRA Events?

Hugely important, COPRA events offer the chance to step away from our demanding daily routines and immerse ourselves in the vibrancy of the industry and celebrate the efforts and accomplishments of companies and individuals alike.

How is sustainability playing a part within your business?

Bringing together Colouration & Positive to form POSITIVE+ has given our company the chance to offer better systems, more creativity, and the chance to re-align our working practices to fully embrace a lower carbon working environment. Our day-to-day business is very focussed on reducing our own and our clients carbon footprint. We have held ISO 14001 for some years now which has been a great basis for our sustainability journey. Add to this is FSC (our responsibly sourced paper accreditation) SUSTAIN (a carbon footprint comparison tool) and PSS (a carbon reduction accreditation focused specifically on the retail POS industry), and we find ourselves constantly researching and implementing new processes towards greener working practices. For example, vegetable-based printing inks, paper sourced from fast growing forests that are increasing rather than decreasing in size, investment in printing presses that use less electricity, water-based inks, LED drying systems, PVC free Point of Sale materials and fair wage policies throughout chain of custody sourcing are just a few ways that we are striving to reduce our impact on the environment towards a more sustainable future.


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