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Q & A Catch up with S & G Brands

Please introduce yourself

Samuel Gearing: Founder of the agency for independent brands, SG Brands and co-founder of the World’s 1st Virtual Perfumery, Fiole. Josh Carter, co-founder of the World’s 1st Virtual Perfumery, Fiole. Both with backgrounds in niche and luxury fragrance.

What’s your favourite aspect of working within the Beauty and fragrance industry?

100% the people and the product. Everyone we work with is such a joy, from our brands and suppliers to the stores and the salespeople. It is an industry full of love and passion as well as true artistry.

The industry has been going through some incredible changes. What are the most exciting opportunities for someone looking to start a career in the beauty industry?

Some changes have been tough, but 2021 feels like a year of creativity and individuality. Gone are traditional methods of retailing, it’s time to reinvent. This renaissance in the industry is the perfect time for someone to start a career in the business, as they will be there at the start of many new and exciting changes and developments.

What’s your number 1 most important part you will take from last year and what’s your new focus for 2021?

Relationships and friendships. Last year taught us more than ever that we work with the most amazing people. They are 100% what kept as going through 2020 and we are so very grateful for that, so we will make sure to nurture them even more than we did before (and that’s saying something!). For 2021 the main focus is to plough ahead, adapting and reacting as we did in 2020, as well as remaining respectful and working with partners to create the best results for all parties.

We are looking to share all things positive. Do you have a positive memory, phrase or an event you can share with us?

2020 was such a weird year, but it was only SG Brand’s second year of trading and also our first year of sponsoring Copra. Seeing our logo in support of Copra during the live awards ceremony was definitely a highlight.

What’s your key Beauty tip or quote?

We feel strongly that people overcomplicate things. We work in Fragrance and believe that the key to finding the perfect scent is not knowing what to look for, but how to look. The Fiole method is the key to that, keep things simple.

How important is Copra to you?

Copra represents some of the most important things that SG Brands and Fiole stand for: independence, individuality and innovation. Being part of the Copra Community helps push this message out further, especially when we know that our journey from shop floor to agent and retailer was a product of these beliefs.


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