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Q & A Catch up with Colouration

Tony Dennington, Founding Member and Managing Director of Colouration and Chief Commercial Officer, Positive +

Please introduce yourself

My name is Tony Dennington, and I am the founding member and Managing Director of Colouration and Chief Commercial Officer of our newly partnered business Positive +. Having supplied various print and POS services to some wonderful names in the industry, I initially cut my teeth providing print and small format display for 15 years to some great companies such as Elizabeth Arden, Yves Saint Laurent, and Lancaster and as they were then known. I formed Colouration back in 2000 and have gone on to expand our services towards producing visuals on every substrate and just about every size imaginable for the UK Beauty and Fragrance Industry.

What’s your favourite aspect of working within the Beauty and fragrance industry?

It has to be the people, I have had the privilege to meet and work with so many people that are passionate about the industry they love to work in during my 30 odd years associated with the industry and there is something about Beauty and Fragrance that seems to attract positive, creative, and passionate people.

The industry has been going through some incredible changes. What are the most exciting opportunities for someone looking to start a career in the beauty industry?

Well, it’s an industry that can truly excel in the ever-growing World of e-marketing as well as the high street and might possibly be a much-needed lifeline to the high street. Choosing the right Beauty and Fragrance products involve all of our senses, interacting with the consultant and selecting and testing the products to find the right one to suit an individual is very much part of the overall buying experience.

What’s your number 1 most important part you will take from last year and what’s your new focus for 2021?

Never take anything for granted, we are all in this together.

We are looking to share all things positive. Do you have a positive memory, phrase, or an event you can share with us?

So many that it’s hard to name just one, the COPRA lunch and Gala are always memorable and the Look Good Feel Better Christmas Carol Service is something very dear to my heart, but as a one off that really sticks in my mind I will have to say The Beauty Industry Sustainability summit In Barcelona in 2019, three powerful days crammed with so much information that aligned with my own sustainability goals and what I believe will be a significant driving force moving forward as we come through and out of this awful pandemic.

What’s your key Beauty tip or quote?

Men need moisturise too :)

How important is Copra to you?

It’s a fantastic arena for brands and their ambassadors to promote and be recognised for their achievements amongst likeminded people that really do know what they are talking about.


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