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In Conversation With Vanessa Burlingham, Head of Retail for Dermalogica

“The work Copra does to bring industry experts together, as well as raise money for an amazing charity is a credit to the beauty industry. We are so proud to be a part of the Copra family.” - Vanessa Burlingham

Dermalogica is a globally renowned skincare brand founded in 1986. With a community of over 100,000 skincare therapists in over 80 countries worldwide, we are proud to have Dermalogica as a part of the Copra community. Today, Vanessa Burlingham, Head of Retail for Dermalogica, shares career advice for those of you looking to grow within the cosmetics and perfume industry.

“The beauty industry is exciting and ever-evolving. Nothing stands still, whether it's a new ingredient, product innovation, new treatments, or consumer trends. No day ever the same. The beauty industry changes lives; it is, of course, rewarding when you speak to consumers who share stories of how our products or treatments have changed their skin, but it is even more rewarding to see so many individuals building successful careers in beauty.

The beauty industry puts more women into business than any other industry in the world. It is the most exciting place to start a career and there are so many avenues someone can take. Whether this is owning your own business, or working in retail, marketing, management, in spas, the list goes on. The industry is a springboard for success; you can start out early in life and continue to progress as you build up your experience and skill set. I have been with Dermalogica for 14 years and have progressed from the training department into the retail team and worked through the ranks to become Head of Retail. Not many industries give you opportunities to continually develop and further your career as the beauty industry does.

My key beauty tip would be - SPF, every day! It's the number one thing you can do to protect your skin.”

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