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Copra Community Blog with Tim Seyner Harness

Tim Seyner Harness

As with any business sometimes there are many challenges. What’s the key to your success?

I’d say our success is down to the Artisan winning formula of recruiting passionate people who really understand what great customer service looks like, our training, and our availability and reach. We care about our clients which is why we value customer service excellence above financial rewards. This means making sure we offer a fantastic service 100% of the time, as well as always being available and providing them with amazing candidates. Our candidate vetting process is second-to-none because we look for attitude and personality as well as skills and experience. We call our service hand-crafted because we take care to match candidates whose personalities suit the client’s brand to create the perfect partnership.

What has inspired you this year?

Firstly our Team! Their dedication and resilience wows me every day, they all have such a drive to be successful which of course filters down from the Directors! Also, the stronger than ever relationships we have year on year with our brand partners - we have got through so much together which is testament to the fact that when we collaborate, we are stronger together. What has also been inspiring and encouraging to the wonderful world of beauty are the number of new brands launching into stores as well as online. Existing brands continue to innovate with service offerings as well as new products. It shows the whole industry has picked itself up after a pretty challenging few years. I appreciate that things are still uncertain, but the beauty industry is very busy and is going places. It’s exciting!

What is your number one goal for 2024?

We want to continue our growth at a global level to keep pace with a fast developing industry, at the same time as continuing to offer the high levels of service we’ve become so well known for.

How important are the COPRA Events to you and your business?

We’ve partnered with COPRA for over 15 years and very much value the relationship we’ve built up. We’re strong supporters of COPRA because it offers an important sense check in the industry and helps us understand how things are going. We get to network with the loyal brands that we work with, but also get to meet people we wouldn’t normally reach, which is really important. And we love that COPRA raises money for the Look Good Feel Better charity.

What’s the best part about working within the beauty industry?

The beauty sector is an extraordinary industry. The people, the passion, the pace and, of course, the innovation makes it an ever evolving landscape. It’s a diverse and inclusive place that’s at the forefront of social changes and embraces change at all levels.


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