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Copra Community Blog with Simone & Cliff Pullum

Simone & Cliff Pullum from Wenbar

As with any business sometimes there are many challenges. What’s the key to your success?

In the beauty industry, navigating challenges is part of the journey. For Wenbar, the key to success lies in adaptability and innovation. Staying attuned to evolving trends, being flexible in approaches, and consistently innovating to meet our customers needs. This has been pivotal in overcoming challenges and achieving success. Making us market leaders in this competitive field.

What has inspired you this year?

This year, the push for sustainability in the beauty industry has been inspiring. Seeing the shift towards eco-friendly materials, for example, using solid surface methods in the manufacturing of our multi brands. This has motivated us to embrace and reduce our environmental footprint.

COPRA has always valued its many beauty industry supporters, with our events bringing many of them together to catch up and discuss business. How important are the COPRA Events to you and your business?

COPRA events hold immense value for us and our business. These events offer a platform where we not only catch up with peers but explore potential collaborations. The connections made at COPRA have been instrumental in driving our business forward.


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