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Copra Community Blog with Emma Voss

Emma Voss - Sector Business Development Director E-commerce & Consumer at Unipart Logistics

As with any business sometimes there are many challenges. What’s the key to your success?

I believe the key to success is listening and learning from others - empowering others to unleash their full potential. A passion for customer experience is also a vital part of success, whether that is external or internal. At Unipart, our core values include active listening as well as a commitment to investing in our people and fostering their growth to fulfil their potential. Our unique workplace culture revolves around The Unipart Way, emphasising continuous improvement for both ourselves and our customers.

What has inspired you this year?

In 2023, I joined Unipart and led the launch of a new sector - e-commerce. The passion of my peers, as well as their support of my knowledge and experience, has definitely encouraged me.

Leading an important key sector to the market with the support, knowledge and expertise from myself and my colleagues across the sectors, as well as the collaboration from our clients, has definitely enhanced our opportunities and fuelled inspiration for myself.

COPRA has always valued its many beauty industry supporters, with our events bringing many of them together to catch up and discuss business. How important are the COPRA Events to you and your business?

These events bring like-minded individuals and companies together, offering opportunities for networking and sharing information, whilst supporting charities and celebrating the success of key individuals and businesses. Unipart is a collaborative company, and we enjoy being part of the events, not only for the opportunity to contribute to the community but also to actively engage with a key network within the Beauty Retail industry.


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