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Copra Community Blog with Andrew Bagley

Andrew Bagley CEO of Gatineau

What is your main focus for this year in terms of product development or service offerings, and how do you plan to stand out in the competitive beauty market?

An exciting pipeline of meaningful product development in our pioneering age defying products. Gatineau is regarded by industry experts and consumers as the Queen of Serums and in 2024 we are launching four exciting serums tackling, loss of firmness, hyper pigmentation, fatigued  skin that is lacking radiance and the perfect sunny weather ready formulae with safer sun exposure in mind.

Expanding our campaigns focusing on our iconic core much loved products & ranges such as Golden Glow Gradual Tan, Collagene Expert Hydra Essence, and Miracle Eye – products our customers love and are driving so much buzz and engagement on social media right now, because of the results they deliver.

Servicing and expanding our professional spa and salon distribution built on over 90 years of education and ‘avant-garde’ treatment techniques.

With sustainability becoming increasingly important, what steps are you taking to ensure your products or services are environmentally friendly and ethically sourced?

I am thrilled to say that we are on the path to becoming a certified B Corporation, a significant milestone for GATINEAU. In this meaningful endeavour we are striving to maximise the positive impact we have on the environment by promoting more sustainable and ethical sourcing and improving recyclability of our packaging, taking small steps to make more conscious decisions.

We are committed to supporting our chosen charity partners in 2024 as well as donating beauty care products to those who need them most. We have just supported the terrific Eve Appeal ‘Get Lippy’ campaign and a team of us will be climbing Snowdon by night, later in the year, continuing our support of The Eve Appeal.

How do you see consumer trends evolving in the beauty industry over the next few years, and what strategies are you implementing to stay ahead of these trends?

The Active Ageing trend will continue to resonate. At Gatineau we believe firmly that ageing is a privilege. Rather than chasing unrealistic ‘youth’ beauty standards consumers want to have their best skin, every day. Brands that do the arduous research, listen, and meet the needs and demands of consumers in their 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond will transform a trend into a new beauty standard. Our guiding principles have always been and will remain to provide results driven skincare solutions for women of all ages.

Consumers will continue to demand that brands make significant sustainability improvements and ensure they are operating as a force for good and positive impact. Company-wide we are and will continue to challenge ourselves to honour the responsibility we all must meet.

Biotechnology and the ability to innovate and deliver efficacious active ingredients that mimic those in nature and are synergistic with the skin but with lower environmental impact is a huge trend. Consumers demand their products over deliver on hefty marketing claims. We employ large consumer perception trials and independent clinical trials to ensure we deliver every step of the way. This respect for our customer / client has been part of our DNA since 1932.

Can you share any upcoming innovations or technologies that your company is excited about and how you believe they will impact the beauty industry?

For many years we have focussed on not just the face but all other areas of the body. The neck & decollete can often be neglected. Our best-selling Defi Lift Firming Neck & Decollete gel has been a firm favourite for over 60 years. Later this year, we will be adding to our Neck & Decollete portfolio with an advanced rich cream in our Age Benefit range. This potent formula is incredibly hydrating whilst also targeting vertical lines, uneven skin tone and strengthening thinning skin.


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