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Copra Community Blog with Abdulla Ajmal

Abdulla Ajmal CEO of Ajmal Perfumes

What is your main focus this year regarding product development or service offerings, and how do you plan to stand out in the competitive beauty market?

This year, Ajmal Perfumes is committed to reinforcing our unique selling proposition as the 'King of Oud.' Our primary focus is on developing new oud-based fragrances that cater to the evolving preferences of our customers while staying true to our rich heritage. We strive to blend the timeless appeal of traditional oud with innovative modern scents, creating distinctive, high-quality fragrances that resonate with our loyal customers and attract new enthusiasts. Our unwavering commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and the authenticity of our oud sets us apart in the competitive beauty market, ensuring our continued leadership and innovation in the industry.

With sustainability becoming increasingly important, what steps are you taking to ensure your products or services are environmentally friendly and ethically sourced?

At Ajmal Perfumes, sustainability is a core value that guides our operations. We started ethically cultivating over 10 million agarwood trees in Assam, where we practice responsible harvesting to support environmental balance and local communities. We are also innovating in our packaging, incorporating recycled materials and planning to introduce refillable packaging by 2026. In our production facilities, we are committed to increasing the use of renewable energy. Currently, 60% of our factory's power is sourced from solar energy, and we aim to achieve 100% within the next two years. Additionally, we are enhancing our water recycling capabilities, aiming to recycle 50% of the water in our warehouses within a year and achieve 100% within three years. These initiatives highlight our dedication to minimizing environmental impact and ensuring our products are ethically sourced and environmentally friendly.

How do you see consumer trends evolving in the beauty industry over the next few years, and what strategies are you implementing to stay ahead?

The beauty industry is rapidly evolving, with sustainability, transparency, and digitalization becoming pivotal. Consumers are increasingly looking for products that not only align with their values but also offer tailored experiences. Ajmal Perfumes is embracing these shifts by strengthening our digital and e-commerce presence to provide seamless, engaging shopping experiences. We are also focusing on creating personalized products that cater to individual preferences. This includes educating our customers about the complete journey of our fragrances—from the sourcing of raw materials to the meticulous crafting processes—ensuring they understand and appreciate the quality and authenticity of our offerings. Moreover, we're expanding our physical retail footprint to enhance direct customer interactions and sensory experiences, while simultaneously bolstering our online platforms for broader accessibility. By integrating these strategies into our operations, we’re not only meeting current consumer demands but also anticipating future trends, solidifying our leadership in the evolving beauty market. 

Can you share any upcoming innovations or technologies your company is excited about and how they will impact the beauty industry?

Ajmal Perfumes is particularly excited about integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into the fragrance industry. We are exploring how AI can revolutionize the fragrance selection process by analyzing vast amounts of data on consumer preferences and olfactory reactions. This technology allows us to create highly personalized and unique fragrance experiences tailored to individual tastes. AI can predict and suggest scents that resonate with different customer segments, aligning perfectly with the growing demand for customized beauty products.

Our move towards more sustainable packaging, including recycled materials and refillable solutions, further reinforces our commitment to environmental responsibility. These innovations enhance our competitive edge and contribute to setting new industry standards for sustainability and technological integration in the beauty market.



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