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Copra Community Blog - Tony Dennington

Please introduce yourself

Tony Dennington of Positive+ Colouration and I am the chief commercial & sustainability Officer

What is your favourite aspect of working within the beauty industry?

It has to be the feel good factor it promotes. In this ever changing world there are many things to feel gloomy about, but the beauty industry helps people feel good about themselves and I believe that’s so important in life.

The beauty industry has been going through some incredible changes throughout the past couple of years. What are the most exciting opportunities for someone looking to start a career in the beauty industry?

It’s an opportunity to join an industry that has survived and thrived through some challenging global changes of the last few years yet it continues to innovate and adapt with the times.

What’s your key beauty tip/quote?

Keep smiling.

How is Copra important to you?

It’s a fantastic opportunity to network with interesting people and to keep up to date with the latest trends in product displays and presentations.


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