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Copra Community Blog - Russell Atkinson

Russell Atkinson, Business Unit Director, GXO

What’s your favourite aspect of working within the Beauty & Fragrance industry?

The need for meticulous care, detail and attention to deliver for our customers as well as the end consumer. The industry is evolving thanks to new buying channels; the way people buy is changing and consumer expectations, particularly for online purchases, are higher than ever. Fortunately our systems, infrastructure and work ethos allow us to adapt and meet demand and exceed these expectations.

From a retail perspective, the industry is the heartbeat of any department store and provides an intimate service in a public setting, which is really unique. While we love to be a key player in the online revolution, we’re still committed to department stores and believe that beauty and fragrance consultants are the past, present and future of their success.

The people. The way the beauty & fragrance industry works in developing teams and individuals is a benchmark for others in my opinion. Motivation, enthusiasm and care is highly visible to us and vital to the customer experience. Other industries can learn a lot from the way that these consultants are developed and retained.

The beauty industry has been going through some incredible changes throughout the past couple of years. What are the most exciting opportunities for someone looking to start a career in the beauty industry?

The beauty industry offers so much variety and so many possibilities. What’s really exciting nowadays is that if you’ve got an idea, you can really take it far. With online sales, social media and marketplace sales, the ability to target audiences globally and get noticed is very real and affordable.

What’s your key beauty tip/quote?

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.

How is CORPA important to you?

COPRA offers a fantastic opportunity to meet the wider community who come from all walks of life; people who bring colour, passion and creative ideas that stand out and make a difference. The organisation also recognises and celebrates some fantastic champions of the industry while supporting some fabulous causes, and its two annual events allow us to celebrate with our peers; connecting with old friends and making new ones.


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