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Copra Community Blog - Freddie Sheridan

Freddie Sheridan, Director at Sheridan&Co

What is your number one goal for 2023?

In the last decade we have developed our Retail Strategy offering down to a fine art.

In 2023 we believe that all brands should be designing strategically; considering the science behind creating strong connections with your customers, before you even think about look and feel.

The difference in results, between brands who design retail spaces strategically versus those who design spaces simply from a visual perspective is huge. We aim to blow sales targets out of the water on opening day, and we can demonstrate that our strategy process works.

Our number one goal in 2023 is to ensure brands understand the importance of our retail strategy offering so that we can continue to drive meaningful results, including and beyond sales.

How important is social media to your business?

Social media is important to all businesses. If you’re not posting, people can assume you’re not trading. We have gained and retained clients through our social media, and it is a great way for us to project our internal brand culture to attract the best employees. We have some exciting content coming up, so watch this space…

Design is ever evolving. What is the current trend your customers are looking for?

Trends take on a different meaning for every industry, but one key factor we see across all industries is community. Can a store be about more than products? What makes it a place to hang out at, play, ask questions, and return to on a regular basis? We frequently share articles on up to date design, industry and consumer trends.

In a recent article on Retail Design for Cosmetics and Beauty we have highlighted the key factors for designing a retail environment, including:

  • Practising empathy to develop a true understanding of your customers individual needs

  • Crafting an engaging layout; understanding traffic flow to optimise exploration

  • Incorporating tech for an immersive experience

  • Personalised experiences; such as scent identity and consultation opportunities

Read the full article here.


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