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Copra Community Blog - Denise Cheng

Please introduce yourself

Denise Cheng, Head of Marketing of Creed at The Orange Square Company. (Instagram @orangesquarecompany).

What is your favourite aspect of working within the beauty industry?

Helping consumers find products that ignite some magic within – from an uplifting fragrance to an empowering lipstick- it sounds cheesy but it’s true – it really does help you Look Good Feel Better!

The beauty industry has been going through some incredible changes throughout the past couple of years. What are the most exciting opportunities for someone looking to start a career in the beauty industry?

The digital landscape is ever evolving and the beauty industry is no exception- from social media marketing to CRM, there are always new and innovative ways to bring products to consumers online- but at the heart of it remains the instore face to face customer experience, which will always be crucial to a sensorial product.

What’s your key beauty tip/quote?

"Inner beauty is great but a little lipstick never hurts"

How is Copra important to you?

The work Copra does for Look Good Feel Better is remarkable and I'm proud to work for a company that has continued to sponsor this incredible charity year on year.


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