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COPRA Cares Q&A Catch Up with Wenbar

Our COPRA Cares social media programme has been running since 2018 inviting our sponsors to share their thoughts and of course to answer some crucial questions relating to our ever-increasing industry.

Please introduce yourself

Cliff Pullum Wenbar Ltd, Founder – CEO.

2021 has been another challenging year. How has it been for you and your business, and how have the recent challenges reflected in your business decisions?

The last 12 months has been brighter than the preceding 12 months (2020), due to a strong bounce back from a number of premium brand customers in quarters 2 and 3, and a slow but steady demand in Q4. Our business decisions have been more weighted to bolstering our internal structure to provide more capacity to handle larger projects with sustainability firmly in mind.

Can you share any new initiatives you may have introduced?

We increased our presences on our social media platforms to give us greater visibility and to highlight more of our successes. The other is to designate more resource to looking at all aspects of “Sustainability”.

Our industry is dynamic and extremely rewarding, it is also a great career choice. What do you think is an important quality for those thinking of looking to start a career or move over to the beauty/retail sector or any associated business servicing the beauty industry?

Creativity, flexibility and an open mind, also be prepared to work hard, trying to look good and feel good whilst doing it 😊

COPRA is very dependant on its amazing sponsors, industry supporting brands. How is COPRA important to you?

COPRA provides information, facilitate awards and host networking events across our industry allowing companies and individuals to come together, not only to help build good working relationships but also to do good, in the name of 'Look Good, Feel Better' Charity.


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