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COPRA Cares Q&A Catch Up with TBC Management

Our COPRA Cares social media programme has been running since 2018 inviting our sponsors to share their thoughts and of course to answer some crucial questions relating to our ever-increasing industry.

Please introduce yourself

Heather Francis, Managing Director

2021 has been another challenging year. How has it been for you and your business, and how have the recent challenges reflected in your business decisions?

We have evolved and changed shaped as a business to ensure we are moving with the changes and struggles that we have seen within the retail industry over the last two years to support the best way we can and be the best we can be.

Our industry is dynamic and extremely rewarding, it is also a great career choice. What do you think is an important quality for those thinking of looking to start a career or move over to the beauty/retail sector or any associated business servicing the beauty industry?

Always be yourself, creative, productive, knowledgeable, and taking ownership in all they do.

COPRA is very dependent on its amazing sponsors, industry supporting brands. How is COPRA important to you?

TBC Management so love being part of the COPRA and a sponsor. It is a wonderful and positive support bubble for so many raising money for wonderful causes and bringing us altogether to celebrate each other and our achievements. It is just incredible.


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