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COPRA Cares Q&A Catch Up with Artisan People

Our COPRA Cares social media programme has been running since 2018 inviting our sponsors to share their thoughts and of course to answer some crucial questions relating to our ever-increasing industry.

Please introduce yourself

Tim Seyner Harness, one of the Founder Directors of Artisan People.

2021 has been another challenging year. How has it been for you and your business, and how have the recent challenges reflected in your business decisions?

The landscape of cosmetics and fragrance retail sector changed in 2021. Customers now want memorable, lasting shopping experience. They know they can buy their favourite products online, so now see shops as an experience as well as a destination. They want to have fun as well as find out more about the products and get new ideas. It is more important than ever the retail staff we provide are motivated, pro-active, informed, and have the best customer service excellence skills - in other words, superstars!

We have always focused on providing superstars to our retail beauty, fragrance, and skincare clients. Over the past couple of years, it has become clear that because of higher customer expectations, we need to support our superstars to help them do even better. That is why we believe that candidate training has become an even greater priority.

Can you share any new initiatives you may have introduced?

As a result of an evolving requirement for the Cosmetic, Fragrance, and Skincare retail, last year we launched the Artisan Training Foundation. We have always taken our candidates through what we call ‘Artisan Talent School’ which enables them to hit the ground running, as well as focus on their continual professional development (CPD).

The Artisan Training Foundation offers CPD certified online courses which help our brilliant candidates improve their professional skills and customer service practises. As they dazzle on the shop floor, our training will enable each team member to contribute to an increase in sales and customer loyalty for retail brands.

Our industry is dynamic and extremely rewarding, it is also a great career choice. What do you think is an important quality for those thinking of looking to start a career or move over to the beauty/retail sector or any associated business servicing the beauty industry?

The rise and rise of beauty influencers have created a host of extremely talented self-taught MUAs. The enthusiasm, creativity, and knowledge they bring to the industry mean they no longer need formal experience and training to begin a career in the beauty retail sector. Personality, enthusiasm, and customer service excellence are the main criteria on which we base our decisions, you cannot teach someone to be a Superstar, but you can teach them product knowledge, brand values and how to use the technology they will need in order to shine on the shop floor.

COPRA is very dependent on its amazing sponsors, industry supporting brands. How is COPRA important to you?

There is a natural synergy between our two organisations. As an association that supports and champions high standards in the retail beauty industry, COPRA’s ethos matches our own. We are proud to be a COPRA sponsor to show our support for the organisation’s work and raise the reputation of the beauty, fragrance, and skincare sector.


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