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Q&A with Gabriel from Skin & Co

What’s your favourite aspect of working within the Beauty & Fragrance industry?

We love what we do, every single formula we create is developed using extracts grown right here at our farms, they are then formulated only 5km away. We love the Research & Development of new products and connecting with so many industry professionals that advance our industry and elevate the standards.

What is number 1 on your work to-do list??

Evolving. We are always studying new ingredients and new products; we absolutely love to innovate.

How important is connecting with your peers at the COPRA Events?

It is very important to connect with like-minded professionals that have the same industry at heart.

How is sustainability playing a part within your business?

Sustainability is key to our operations and our innovation. We have recently turned our labs to 0% Water Waste and powered by Renewable Energy. Our goal is to be 100% Clean Powered by 2025.


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