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Spotlight On Our 2021 Sponsor Positive+ & Colouration

Can you tell us what Positive+ Colouration specialise in?

We work predominantly in Beauty POS print & display for in-store promotions and our services include printed literature and personalised direct mail, web 2 print & multichannel marketing, window displays, floor and counter units, duratrans, push-fit graphics, installs and de-rigs.

Can you explain your Positive Planet initiative?

Positive Planet was an idea brought together by Positive + Colouration. Colouration had been adopting more sustainable practices in the workplace for some years, such as LED lighting, renewable energy, recycled materials etc and Positive were following a similar path using vegetable printing inks, reduced alcohol on their printing presses and sourcing paper from responsibly managed forests under their FSC certification and ISO 14001. Our aim has been to create a partnership and work together under one roof to develop greener alternatives to run alongside our more traditional production processes.

I know Positive+ Colouration are committed to producing Sustainable Solutions. Can you share some of your ideas?

A greater awareness towards sustainability is growing as we re-emerge from the impacts of covid-19, and this has strengthened our commitment to

offer greener solutions. As well as the solutions we have already brought together, we aim to source locally as much as possible and by producing everything in-house we continue to significantly reduce the impact of our utility and transport usage. By offering our clients alternative materials and working practices, we will continue to evolve as a sustainable supplier to the beauty industry. For example, the work we do with Boots and our membership with POPAI allow us to offer sustainable alternatives alongside our traditional production solutions when presenting new design visuals for TOD’s, counter displays, floor standing units, gondola ends etc. We are also researching ways we can collect our end-of-life POS to re-use or recycle into fuel and fertilizer and there is an increasing array of material options now on the market, such as paper made from re-cycled coffee cups, pvc free banners and recyclable plastics.

How have you tried to manage being sustainable whilst still delivering a good service?

Sustainability doesn’t have to come at a price. Whether choosing recyclable in favour of single use plastic, sourcing paper from sustainable forests, reducing transport costs and everything else we are doing, it all runs in line to us maintaining a high-quality finish and ‘within budget’ solution. Our research, testing and commitment to finding commercially acceptable materials and production solutions are paramount to promoting a greener working alternative without impacting the quality of our service.

What are your plans for the future in terms of becoming more sustainable?

We are in the process of attaining our PSS environmental accreditation and we will continue to research and share greener solutions with the Beauty industry. Internally, we are working towards nett carbon zero and externally we are looking at our supply chain for collaborations to ensure we can identify a clear chain of custody that will consider all aspects of sustainability, such as where in the World our materials are sourced, employee working conditions, pay equality and what impact the materials we purchase have on the environment.


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