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COPRA Cares Q&A Catch Up with Flair

Our COPRA Cares social media programme has been running since 2018 inviting our sponsors to share their thoughts and of course to answer some crucial questions relating to our ever-increasing industry.

Sarah Graham pictured on the right with co-founder Christina Mentiz

Please introduce yourself

Sarah Graham - Flair Director

2021 has been another challenging year. How has it been for you and your business, and how have the recent challenges reflected in your business decisions?

2021 has been a challenging year, however we have survived and have gradually managed to build our business back to full steam ahead. This has been supported by our amazing clients and stores so in the first instance we thank you all for your bookings and working partnerships. Our team including our temporary consultants have been brilliant getting back out there fully PPE’d when needed and have managed the challenges thrown at them during the pandemic. The biggest challenge has been recruitment; however, I think we have all struggled there, finding people at short notice who are not self-isolating has been difficult and finding people who want to work and commit to work has also been more difficult than it has in previous years. At the moment our focus is to keep sourcing new consultants to add to our team and working hard to secure as much work as we can for them. Communication has proved its worth, particularly over the busiest trading times so we will continue to focus on this and to constantly look at new ways to recruit people, including incentives to encourage people to work in retail.

Can you share any new initiatives you may have introduced?

Top secret I’m afraid but watch this space...

Our industry is dynamic and extremely rewarding, it is also a great career choice. What do you think is an important quality for those thinking of looking to start a career or move over to the beauty/retail sector or any associated business servicing the beauty industry?

Good qualities to have if you were thinking about a career in retail would be a 'can do' attitude and a desire to help others, along with patience and a friendly manor particularly if you wanted to work for Flair you must to be quick learner as you need to master many different brands to at a competent level.

COPRA is very dependent on its amazing sponsors, industry supporting brands. How is COPRA important to you?

Copra is very important to Flair, it allows us to be involved and feel part of the industry we work in – we benefit by meeting and networking with people, and we also feel proud to help support Look Good Feel Better, Cancer charity that does so much for others.


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